Amazing Tea tree oil benefits for skin | Side effects |2021

Amazing Tea tree oil benefits for skin | Side effects |2021~Nowadays tea tree oil is being used in all kinds of cosmetic products. After all, what are the benefits of tea tree oil for the skin that it is finding a place as an ingredient in most beauty products. To know this, read this article . Here we have detailed what the research says about the beauty benefits of tea tree oil. Along with this, what things should be taken care of while using tea tree oil, it has also been mentioned.

Why is tea tree oil beneficial for your skin?

Tea tree oil has countless properties, due to which the beauty benefits of tea tree oil are there. It is also being used in the cosmetic industry for years. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects. These effects can protect the skin from harmful bacteria and fungus. It also has antioxidant activity. Due to all this, tea tree oil can prove to be very beneficial for the skin .

Amazing Tea tree oil benefits for skin

Tea tree oil benefits for skin

Tea tree oil is considered very good for the skin. Perhaps this is the reason why tea tree oil is used as an ingredient in many cosmetics. Know more about the beauty benefits of tea tree oil.

1. Acne

Tea tree oil and products containing it are considered beneficial for acne. It has been told in a research that tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects. Both of these are considered beneficial in removing acne and pimples. Research has said that it is also used in the gel made to treat acne. Mild to moderate acne can be relieved by the use of this oil .

2. Inflammation

Inflammation problem can be overcome by using tea tree oil. According to the research published by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) regarding the effect of tea tree oil on the skin, it has an effective anti-inflammatory effect . Another research states that many compounds such as terpinene-4-ol and alpha-terpinol present in it exhibit anti-inflammatory effects . Due to this effect, it can prove to be helpful in reducing skin related inflammation .

3. Psoriasis

Tea tree oil is also considered beneficial in psoriasis. A research paper related to this states that this oil can have effective anti-psoriasis agents. Actually, it contains the highest terpinene-4-ol compound. It is known to provide relief from psoriasis. This compound also exhibits anti-inflammatory effects, which have also been shown to be good for psoriasis . Along with this, tea tree oil is also used in herbal pastes like Duraderma made for psoriasis .

4. Anti fungal and antiseptic effect

Tea tree oil has both antifungal and antiseptic effects. According to a research related to this, the anti fungal activity of tea tree oil can be effective in relieving many fungal infections. It is said that due to this effect, it can provide some relief from fungal infections related to nails .It also has an antiseptic effect that kills germs. Due to this effect, tea tree oil is also used in hand washes that claim to keep hands free from germs .

5. For Oily Skin

The beauty benefits of tea tree oil also include reducing excess oil from oily skin. Yes, people suffering from oily skin can also use tea tree oil. It is also used in many skin cleansing products, especially to control skin oil . In another research, tea tree oil has also been described as good for oily skin.

6. For Eczema

Tea tree oil can also be used to get relief from skin related problems like eczema. Eczema means inflammation of the skin accompanied by rashes and scabs. Related to this, in a research paper published by NCBI, it is written that tea tree oil has an effective anti-eczema effect. In research, tea tree oil has been shown to be more effective than effective drugs like zinc oxide and clobetasone butyrate .

How To Use Tea Tree Oil in right way

Its benefits are available only when tea tree oil is used properly on the skin. For this reason it is important to know its use, which you can read about below.

•You can use tea tree oil by mixing it in a face pack.
•The face can be cleaned by putting a few drops of this oil in a bowl of water.
•You can add tea tree oil to rose water and use it as a skin toner.
•You can take a bath by adding five-six drops of this oil in the bucket.
•You can put two-three drops of tea tree oil in coconut and olive oil and apply it on the skin.

Before using Tea Tree Oil on your skin, take the following Precautions

Of course, the benefits of tea tree oil are many, but it is important to take some precautions before using it on the skin.

Tea tree oil should never be applied to the skin directly. Dilute it in water or any other oil and then apply it on the skin.
If the amount of tea tree oil is one to two drops, then it should contain about 12 drops of water or other oil.

Always protect the eyes while applying it on the face.
Do a patch test before applying it on the skin. This will tell whether it shows a negative reaction on the skin or not.

Side Effects Of Using Tea Tree Oil 

However, it is safe to use tea tree oil with caution in limited amounts. Yes, overusing it can cause some disadvantages, which are as follows.

•Red itchy spots ie dermatitis may occur.
•Itching of the skin may occur.
•Excessive use can cause skin irritation.This carries the risk of getting prickly problems.
•Allergies can cause redness and dryness on sensitive skin.

You must have understood why tea tree oil is considered beneficial for the skin. The benefits of tea tree oil for the skin can be reaped by using this oil with just a little care. For this reason, definitely consider the precautions and disadvantages related to tea tree oil mentioned in the article. Also, by sharing this article with your friends, tell them about the benefits of tea tree oil, so that they too stay away from skin related problems.


Can tea tree oil darken the skin?

> No, there is no mention in any research that tea tree oil can cause darkening of the skin. Yes, it cures acne. After the acne is cured, its dark marks can make people feel that the skin is turning black due to tea tree oil. Just note that tea tree oil is not to be used directly on the skin. Use only by adding a drop of water, rose water or other oil to it.

Is it OK to apply tea tree oil to my face every day?

> Yes, it can be diluted i.e. mixed with any other oil or water and applied once daily. Note that not more than one or two drops should be used.

Is Tea Tree Oil Safe for the Skin?

> Yes, tea tree oil is safe for the skin, but excessive use can cause burning, stinging, itching, redness and dryness in the skin.

How long can I leave tea tree oil on my face?

> Tea tree oil can be mixed with any cream, oil or water and left for about 6 hours.

Can Tea Tree Oil Remove Dark Spots?

> No, dark spots cannot be removed with tea tree oil.


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