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Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair Loss And Regrowth Herbal and Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss and regrowth sounds very common. But do you know that these Ayurvedic remedies are actually very effective in preventing hair fall and hair regrowth.Hair loss has become a special problem of all of us today, due to which both men and women are affected. For this reason, ayurvedic treatment for hair loss and regrowth in Hindi is often sought. Hair problem can reduce your beauty. Especially your thin hair. When you brush or comb, many tufts of hair come in hand. Hair fall can weaken our confidence.But there is no need to panic. Because there is ayurvedic remedy for hair problems. how? Let’s go.

Ayurvedic Hair Treatment

Problems related to hair and our health can be cured with Ayurvedic remedies. Before knowing the Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss and Regrowth, we must understand the Ayurvedic treatment.Ayurveda says that our universe is made up of the five elements Gharti, Agni, Jal, Akash and Vayu. Apart from this, there are three major doshas of our body i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Ayurveda says that if we balance all these, then all kinds of physical problems can be avoided. These three doshas can also affect the color, strength, growth, etc. of the hair.

It is believed that Vata is responsible for our nervous system, Pitta is responsible for the digestive system and metabolism. Whereas Kapha helps in providing lubricant to our joints, strengthens and enhances immunity power.

1. Amla an Ayurvedic Treatment for hair fall control

Amla is an Ayurvedic remedy for hair fall and regrowth. With home remedies, you can use gooseberry to remove your health problems as well as prevent hair fall. Amla not only prevents hair fall but it also helps in purifying the blood and removing the problem of indigestion. You can also soothe dandruff and scalp itching by using amla. Amla acts as a natural dye for your hair which gives natural color to the hair.

2. Bhringraj ayurvedic treatment for hairfall

Bhringraj is said to be the king of herbs suitable to avoid hair fall. Bhringraj is used to remove hair problems. It not only helps in hair growth but it can also reduce the problem of baldness. Bhringraj is used as a major ingredient in products that promote hair health. Often cosmetologists recommend that you use Bhringraj oil on your hair regularly. Because it can increase the speed of hair growth. You can use Bhringraj in a number of ways to promote your hair growth. Although many products made from Bhringraj are available in the market, but you can make it at your home and use it.

To make Bhringraj oil, you take some fresh leaves and dry it in the sun. After this you take coconut oil in a jar and dip these dry leaves in it. Keep this jar in the sun for two days and wait till the coconut oil changes its colour. When the color of coconut oil becomes light, then fill this oil in another bottle and keep it in a safe place. If you use this oil regularly, it will promote the growth of your hair as well as remove other problems.

3. Reetha an ayurvedic method for fast hair growth

As a natural shampoo for hair growth, reetha has been used by women since ancient times. It can promote hair growth when reetha is used regularly. Apart from this, it can also increase the quality and number of hair. Its use provides nourishment to the hair without removing the natural oil of the hair. To prepare natural shampoo made from reetha at home, you need:

1 handful of dried fruits of reetha and 2 cups of water. You can soak the fruits of reetha in 2 cups of hot water overnight. The next morning boil this water with reetha for 15 minutes and then let it cool down. Squeeze the reetha in this water and separate it and after massaging for about 5 minutes, you wash it with clean water. Reetha shampoo should be used every other day for hair growth.

4. Aloe Vera an ayurvedic treatment for hair growth at home

The use of aloe vera is very beneficial for Ayurvedic treatment of problems related to scalp and hair. This is because aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes that can repair damaged cells. Which helps in strengthening the hair roots. Apart from this, aloe vera also has anti-inflammatory properties which help in removing irritation and itching of the scalp. You can also use aloe vera to remove the dandruff present in your hair.

To make a natural and ayurvedic treatment of aloe vera on your hair, you can break fresh aloe vera leaves, as many as you need. Remove the upper layer of its leaves and separate it and collect its pulp in a bowl. Mix this pulp well and apply it on your hair. After about 1 hour of applying aloe vera gel to the hair, wash it off with normal water. Use aloe vera gel 3-4 times per week for effective hair care results.

5. Jojoba is a hair fall solution in Ayurveda

Jojoba oil can be the best option for hair care naturally. Regular use of jojoba oil in the hair can reduce the problem of hair fall. Jojoba oil has antifungal properties. Apart from this, vitamin E, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids are also high in this Ayurvedic oil. The availability of these nutrients can help fight free radicals. Free radicals have an adverse effect on our hair.Regular massage of hair with jojoba oil can enhance the health of hair. Apart from this, it also helps in strengthening the hair roots and growing new hair.

You can buy jojoba oil from the market for hair massage.But its purity etc. should be taken care of. Put this oil in a clean vessel and heat it lightly. Apply this oil on the hair and massage the hair lightly. After about half an hour, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. It can help in your hair growth.

6. Neem Mask for ayurvedic hair treatment for hair loss

Neem can be used as an Ayurvedic home remedy. Neem has the power to cure various health problems. Similarly, the medicinal properties of neem can also reduce your hair problems. Neem is being used for hair treatment since ancient times. Traditionally, the use of neem can reduce the problem of 0.Neem has antimicrobial properties that help in destroying the hair and the factors that hinder its growth. You can definitely increase hair growth by using neem leaves or the juice extracted from it.

To make anti hair fall neem mask at home, grind neem leaves and make a thick paste. Dilute the paste by adding a little warm water to this paste. Now apply this mixture in your hair and cover the hair with a towel or cloth. After about 1 hour, clean your hair with the help of shampoo.

7. Yogurt For hair fall Treatment at home

According to Ayurveda, curd can be used to strengthen the hair roots. It is believed that curd is nothing less than a miracle for hair growth. Yogurt contains high amounts of vitamin B5 and vitamin D. Apart from this, curd also contains a good amount of calcium. All these nutrients play an important role in hair growth. The treatment with curd to reduce hair fall is as follows:

You mix 2 teaspoons of curd with 1 teaspoon of honey and lemon juice. After making a good paste, apply this mixture in your hair with the help of a brush. After about 30 minutes wash your hair with normal water. This mixture should be used at least once a week to prevent hair fall.

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