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Benefits of black turmeric~Everything that nature has created on this earth is not superfluous. There are many things that are unknown. Today we are going to tell you about one such rare item, black turmeric, which you can use to get rid of many kinds of problems in your life and live a happy and prosperous life. What is special is that the tricks related to black turmeric do not go away quickly. Black turmeric is very useful. Although it is difficult to get black turmeric, it is available in Pansari shops.This turmeric is quite healthy and useful.

1- If a person in the family is constantly ill, on the first Thursday, make two loaves of flour, add jaggery and a little black turmeric in wet sugar dal and feed it to the cow 7 times. . Doing this remedy on 3 consecutive Thursdays will have amazing benefits.

2- If a person or a child is seen, wrap turmeric in a black cloth and take it seven times and pour it in running water.

3- If Jupiter and Saturn are suffering in one’s birth chart, then this person should do this remedy.

4- If someone has money, but it does not last long, then they must take this measure. On the first Friday of Shukla Paksha, put black turmeric, nagkeshar and vermilion together in a silver box and place it in the place of keeping wealth after touching the feet of Goddess Lakshmi. Doing so will stop the money.

5- If your business is constantly declining, chant Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudev Nama on the first Thursday of Shukla Paksha by tying black turmeric, 11 energetic Gomti Chakra, silver coin and 11 energy giving conch in yellow cloth. 108 times. Putting it in place keeps the business afloat.

6- If your business is related to the machine and some expensive machine broke down on that day, then on the first Wednesday, grind black turmeric and mix saffron and Ganga water to make a swastika on that machine. Doing this will prevent the machine from malfunctioning quickly.

7- On the day of Diwali, if you keep a silver coin with black turmeric in a yellow cloth and keep it in a place where money is kept, the grace of Mother Lakshmi stays throughout the year.

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8- If a person suffers from epilepsy or insanity, put black turmeric in a pot and purify it by showing incense. Then pierce a piece and put it around his neck with the help of a thread and drink a little turmeric powder in a bowl with fresh water regularly. You will definitely benefit.

What is a black turmeric tree like?

The black turmeric plant is similar to the banana. Black turmeric or narcissus is an important medicinal plant. Which is widely grown in Bengal. It is used in medicine and cosmetics. The botanical name is Curcuma, also known as Cassia or Black J in English. Also called rope. He is a member of the Ginny Varesi clan. Its plant is 30-60 cm tall without stem. The leaves are broadly rounded with bluish-purple central veins on the upper surface. The flowers are pink and have colored bracts towards the edges. When the dark color dries, the rhizomes form cylindrical hard crystals. The rhizome is black in color.


The climate is warm, suitable for the cultivation of black turmeric. Temperatures should range between 15 and 40 degrees Celsius.

Land preparation

Black turmeric is good in clay, clay, clay, soil types. Before rains, plow the land 2-4 times in the first week of June and make good arrangements for drainage. Apply 20 tons of manure per hectare in the field.

Time and method of sowing

For planting old rhizomes, which are stored in the sand in a damp place in summer, they are used. When new germination occurs, they are cut into small pieces. Which are planted at a depth of 5-10 cm at a distance of 30 cm, 20 cm in the prepared soil. It takes 15-20 quintals of rhizomes to cultivate 1 hectare. Weeding 2-3 times improves the growth of the crop. It is advisable to water twice a month after rains.

Diseases and pests

Black turmeric has not been found to be susceptible to diseases and pests.

Excavation and processing and production

In 8 to 8 1/2 months, the black turmeric harvest will be ready. Carefully remove and clean the rhizomes without damaging them and dry them in a dry place in the shade. Cut 2-4 cm pieces of good quality rhizomes and keep them dry, which dries and hardens. The production of fresh tubers is up to 50 per hectare.

Use of black turmeric in the treatment of diseases

Tribal communities use it to treat pneumonia, coughs and colds.In children and adults, it is used to treat fever and asthma.
The powdered rhizome is used as a face pack.Its fresh rhizome is applied to the forehead as a paste. Which is used to relieve migraines or on the body brain and wounds. Its rhizome paste is applied after being bitten by snakes and scorpions. It is also used for the prevention of leucoderma, epilepsy, cancer and HIV / AIDS.

Black turmeric is known as an herbal medicine with antibiotic properties. Black turmeric is used as an amulet with tilak. It is believed that this will remove all forms of black magic. It is used for wounds, bruises and sprains, skin problems, digestion and stomach protection. It is believed to play an important role in the prevention and treatment of cancer. It also contains essential oils that help reduce inflammation. It helps in lowering cholesterol.

Black turmeric contains inuprocaine, which cures joint pain. Black turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, causing itchy skin. In case of acne on the skin, soaking cotton in black turmeric milk and applying it on the skin for 15 minutes reduces rashes and brightens and improves the skin. Black turmeric is considered miraculous, it has hidden technical and magical powers. Its use can cure a sick person. Soaking black turmeric in milk and applying it on the face and body enhances beauty.

The benefits of black turmeric

1 Black turmeric is beneficial for the liver. Black turmeric can be consumed to prevent liver related diseases. This turmeric cleanses the liver. Removes toxins from the liver. Prevents stomach ulcers, heartburn, etc.

2 Being rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, black turmeric eliminates the problem of inflammation in the body.

3 Women who have a lot of abdominal pain, pain or menstrual cramps during menstruation should start taking black turmeric. During menstruation, add black turmeric in lentils, vegetables etc. Drink this turmeric mixed in a glass of warm milk. If there is no milk, drinking this turmeric mixed with hot water gives relief in pain and cramps.

4 It is also beneficial to consume black turmeric to avoid the problem of cancer. According to one study, black turmeric reduces the risk of colon cancer.

5 People suffering from osteoarthritis should also eat black turmeric. Osteoarthritis is a bone-related disease in which there is a problem of joint pain, stiffness. The curcumin, ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory ingredients in turmeric all provide relief in bone problems.

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How much does black turmeric cost?

Black Turmeric for Black Turmeric Puja (50g)
M.R.P .: ₹ 900.00
Price: ₹ 300.00

What is the use of black turmeric?

Black turmeric is considered miraculous, it has hidden technical and magical powers. Its use can make a sick person healthy, and if proven technically, it can make a person rich.

How does black turmeric lock open?

The lock of your destiny will also open. Applying tilak on the head is considered a symbol of auspiciousness and sattvicism. It is customary to apply tilak of roli, turmeric, sandalwood or kumkum for success. If you are going for any new job, you must get black turmeric vaccine.


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