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How fast does rice water grow hair ~Every woman wishes to have black, long and thick hair. For this, she tries many efforts and methods.It’s another thing that these tactics are frequently ineffective. In such a situation, if some home remedies are tried, then your hair is sure to get a glow and natural shine.In this article, we are telling you about one such home remedy i.e. rice water.A glass of rice water will do wonders for your hair.The best thing is that it is simple to make and implement at home.Therefore, we are telling you how to make Rice Water for Hair and how to use it in this  article.

First of all let’s talk about what is rice water.

What is rice water?

You must know that how to make rice. Before making rice, you soak it in water for a while and then filter the water to make rice. Now the next time you start filtering the rice after soaking it, do not throw away the water, because this rice water can be beneficial for hair and for improving the skin.

Rice water looks like a light milky liquid and this color of the water is due to the starch released from the rice. You can also drink it, because it is rich in vitamins and minerals . Rice water can tighten your skin and improve the quality of your hair. It can improve blood flow in your body, improve skin cells and make the skin look young and beautiful.Also it can be useful for dry skin problem. After knowing this much, now you may also want to know that how to use rice water? We are also telling you about this below.

History of using rice water for hair

There is a village named ‘Huangluo’ in Chinese, which is also known as the land of Rapunzel. There lives a tribe named Red Yao. For years, the women of this hamlet have washed their hair with rice water, resulting in exceptionally long hair. These women have even made a world record. The name of this village is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as ‘the village with the longest hair in the world’.

A similar story is also from another country. In 800 AD, the women of the Japanese royal family were known for their beautiful long hair. She also used to wash her hair with rice water. This custom was passed down through the generations.Now that many practices and old tips are exchanged due to the internet, we have also come up with many ways to use rice water for hair.

Is rice water beneficial for hair?

Yes, rice water is good for your hair. Now the question arises that what is there in it, which makes it so beneficial for the hair. Studies show that rice water contains inositol and carbohydrates, which repair your dry, lifeless and damaged hair . After you wash the hair with rice water, inositol acts as a shield or layer in the hair and protects them from damage.Apart from this, amino acids are also found in rice water, which strengthens the hair roots and makes them thick, soft and shiny . Thus we can say that rice water can prove beneficial for hair. Is.

Further in this article, we will tell how to make rice water for hair and how to use it.

Plain Rice Water or Fermented Rice Water – Which is Better?

There are mainly two types of rice water, one is plain and the other is fermented rice water. Now the question arises which of the two is better? In this article, we are giving you information about this also.The pH level of plain rice water is higher than the pH level of hair . At the same time, fermentation lowers the pH level of rice water and it clogs the pores by going to the hair roots. This makes the hair safe and strong. Fermenting rice water increases the level of vitamins and nutrients present in it, which nourish your hair well. It keeps your hair healthy and adds shine to the hair.

Furthermore, when rice water is fermented, a material known as pitera is produced, which is high in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and organic acids.. Pitera can help to re-nourish cells and make skin and hair healthy.Fermented rice water is acidic. When you wash your hair with it, it balances the pH level of your hair. Fermented rice water enhances the properties of plain rice water and you can use either of these. It depends on you and the condition of your hair which rice water you want to use.

Now after so much information it is time to know How fast does rice water grow hair?

Rice water recipe or how to make rice water?
In this article, we are telling you two easy methods of making rice water.

1. Boiled Rice Water

how fast does rice water grow hair

What is boiled rice water?

When you boil rice, the water left after that is called boiled rice water. You can wash your mouth and hair with this water.

How to make boiled rice water?

Take rice in a pan (you can take any type of white, brown or basmati rice)
Add more water to it than you normally would (take more water than you normally would when cooking rice)
Now let the rice boil for a while.
This water will be slightly milky in color and will act as a great conditioner for the hair.

How to use rice water?

Add a few drops of rosemary, lavender, or chamomile essential oil to a mug of rice water..
Now apply shampoo on your hair and pour rice water on top. Keep it for about 5 to 20 minutes or as long as you want.
During this, keep massaging the hair and scalp with light hands.
Then after a while wash your hair with water.
For optimal effects, do this at least once a week.

2. Fermented Rice Water

Fermented rice water is that which has been kept for some time for fermentation. Fermentation further enhances the quality of rice water. Before using it, it has to be diluted a little by mixing it with water. Answer is here for How fast does rice water grow hair ?

How to make Fermented Rice Water?

Take half a cup of raw rice and soak it in two cups of water. Keep it in the fridge for 15 to 30 minutes.
Now filter the rice and separate the water.
Now take out this water in a jar and let it remain at normal temperature for a day or two.
When you start getting a sour smell from this water, keep it in the fridge.
Then before you use it, add a cup or two of water to it.
Do not use it without adding water.

How to use Fermented Rice Water?

You can use it as a hair mask. Below we are sharing with you the method of making hair mask.
Make a paste by combining enough mustard powder with fermented rice water.
Then add some olive oil to it.
Now apply this paste in the scalp, keep in mind that you do not spread this paste in the hair.
Allow 15 minutes for the mask to dry before shampooing.

Further in the article, we are explaining in detail the How fast does rice water grow hair?

How fast does rice water grow hair

Inositol, a type of carbohydrate, is found in rice water. It makes hair strong and thick. Below we are telling you some of the best benefits of rice water for hair.

1. Helpful in hair growth

Rice Water for Hair can help in hair growth. Actually, rice water can be a great solution to reduce hair fall and to increase hair. Amino acids are present in rice . Amino acids are believed to be useful in hair growth.After washing the hair, you can wash the hair once again with rice water to increase the hair growth. This procedure can be repeated twice a week. However, there is still a lack of scientific studies on this subject. But, it is a safe solution so it can be used as a test.

how fast does rice water grow hair

2. Reduces split ends

Using different styles and shampoos on the hair not only makes the hair dry and lifeless, but also causes two pimples. This affects the growth of hair and also loses its attractiveness. In such a situation, your hair needs a lot of protein, which is easily available in rice water. The amino acids and starch present in rice water can repair damaged hair.Soak your double-sided hair with rice water and leave it for 15-20 minutes and then wash it. By doing this every few days, you will see improvement in your hair.

3. Used for washing hair

After shampooing, if you wash your hair with rice water instead of conditioner, it will make your hair thick and soft. Apart from this, it will also make your hair soft, strong and healthy.

4. Protects hair from damage

The benefits of rice water for hair are many.It nourishes the scalp while also improving the suppleness of the hair.It contains a carbohydrate called inositol, which repairs damaged hair and protects them . It is different from other home remedies because the inositol present in it acts as a protective shield for the hair even after washing the hair and prevents damage to the hair.

5. Makes hair soft and roots strong

Along with shiny hair, their strength is also important. Rice water contains amino acids, which give shine to the hair and make it soft. Apart from this, it also strengthens the hair roots.

6. Relieves Dandruff

Dandruff is a very common problem, but if it is not taken care of in time, it can also damage the hair. Apart from this, sometimes dandruff also becomes a cause of embarrassment. Sometimes it also causes itching or burning in the scalp. In such a situation, if the hair is washed regularly with rice water, then it can reduce dandruff .You can see the difference with its regular use. However, if someone has a serious problem of dandruff, then the use of rice water may not be very effective.

7. Makes hair soft and shiny

Nowadays almost everyone wants soft and shiny hair. For this, people use many types of styles and shampoos, but their effect does not last long. Therefore, you use rice water hair mask.Apply it on the hair and leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off with water. After applying this you can use shampoo and conditioner. If you add rose water to rice water, you can get better results.

8. For lice

Sometimes children and adults get lice in their heads. In such a situation, it is believed that rice water can be useful for lice. It is believed that the starch present in rice water can easily kill the lice. However, there is no scientific evidence available on this subject and it is simply based on people’s perception.

9. Can be used as a conditioner

It is also necessary to apply conditioner after shampooing, but sometimes conditioners are expensive or it is difficult to choose a conditioner according to the hair. In such a situation, if you have to use cheap and good home conditioner, then nothing can be better than rice water. Add a little rosemary, lavender or geranium oil to rice water and your conditioner is ready.



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