Neem oil benefits for hair | Is it work to removing dandruff ? 2021

Neem oil benefits for hair growth~The problem of dandruff takes away from people the freedom to wear dark clothes. Also, due to dandruff, there are many negative effects on the hair. Perhaps this is the reason why there are many products to get rid of dandruff in the market today.It cannot be said how effective these products will be, but if they contain chemicals, then the scalp can definitely be harmed. In this case, organic neem oil can be used. In this article, all the information related to Neem oil benefits for hair0 is for removing dandruff, has been given on the basis of research.

First of all, know how beneficial neem oil is to remove dandruff.

Neem oil benefits for hair dandruff

Neem oil benefits for hair

Neem oil is considered beneficial for removing dandruff due to the anti fungal effect present in it . For this reason, neem is also used in many types of anti-dandruff products. Not only this, the active ingredient of neem, nimbidin, has an anti-inflammatory effect . Research related to this says that this nimbidin component can protect against seborrheic dermatitis, which is inflamed red, scaly and itchy skin.

Use Of Neem Oil To Remove Dandruff – Neem oil benefits for hair 

Neem oil can be used along with many other ingredients to remove dandruff. By doing this, neem oil can work more effectively. For this reason, further in the article, we are going to tell you how to use neem oil with different ingredients. Neem oil good for hair loss also.

1. Neem Oil and Vinegar

Neem oil benefits for hair

Material :

One tablespoon of neem oil
2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or plain vinegar

Method of use:

Mix vinegar with a teaspoon of neem oil.
Now massage your scalp with this mixture.
Then wrap a towel around the head or put on a shower cap.
Leave it like this on the head for about 20 minutes.
Now wash the hair with mild shampoo.

How profitable:

The antifungal effect of neem oil can help in relieving dandruff . When apple cider vinegar is mixed with it, it can act more effectively. A research paper related to this has been told that it also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. Due to both these effects, not only the symptoms of dandruff, but the fungus associated with it can also be prevented from forming .

2. DIY Neem Oil Shampoo

Material :

tsp neem oil
a normal shampoo as needed

Method of use:

Add neem oil to your regular shampoo.
Now mix these two.
Then use it like a shampoo while washing hair.

How profitable:

We have already told how the use of neem oil is beneficial. The anti fungal effect present in it can reduce dandruff . Along with this, it also has anti-inflammatory effect, which can remove the problem of scaly skin like dermatitis .

3. Neem Oil and Olive Oil

1 tablespoon olive oil or any other oil
1 tablespoon of neem oil

Method of use:

Mix olive and neem oil.
Now apply this mixture on your scalp.
Then massage the scalp for about 10 minutes.
After this, wrap a towel around the head or wear a shower cap.
Now leave it on the scalp for 20 minutes.
When the time is up, wash the hair with a mild shampoo.

How profitable:

You must have understood how neem oil is beneficial for dandruff. Mixing olive oil with it can increase its efficiency. Actually, olive oil has antifungal effect. This can help in removing the problem of dandruff and its related Malassezia fungus .

4. Mixture of Herbs and Neem Oil

Material :

few drops of neem oil
few basil leaves
One teaspoon of Bhringraj powder
one teaspoon shikakai powder
one teaspoon fenugreek powder

Method of use:

Mix all the ingredients in a clean bowl.
When the mixture is ready, apply it well on the scalp and hair.
Now leave this paste on the hair and scalp for about 30 minutes.
During this, you can also put a shower cap on the head.
Then after completion of 30 minutes wash the hair with mild shampoo.

How profitable:

Combining neem oil with other herbs can make it work more effectively. The basil used in this hair pack is known to clean the roots of the scalp thoroughly. Along with this, basil works to circulate blood in the scalp and keep the scalp skin calm. This can strengthen the hair and remove the problem of dandruff and itching .

Along with this, Bhringraj is also considered good to remove dandruff . Fenugreek present in this hair pack has anti fungal effect, due to which dandruff can be relieved . Not only this, Shikakai can remove dandruff by acting as a cleanser for the hair. Also, it maintains the pH of the hair as well as the natural oil, which can keep the hair healthy.

5. Neem Oil and Lemon Peel

Material :

few drops of neem oil
1 lemon peel powder

Method of Use:

Mix neem oil and lemon peel powder in a clean bowl.
When a mixture is prepared with this, apply it on the scalp.
After massaging the hair for some time, leave it on the hair for about 30 minutes.
Then wash the hair with clean water.

How profitable:

You already know that neem oil has antifungal effect, which can reduce the problem of dandruff. Mixing lemon peel with this oil can make it work better. A research related to this says that lemon peel has a much more effective antifungal ability than other household ingredients. This can help eliminate and prevent the growth of the Malassezia furfur fungus of dandruff .

7. Neem Oil and Yogurt

Material :

few drops of neem oil
a cup of yogurt

Method of use:

Mix neem oil and curd well.
Now apply this paste on the scalp and hair.
Now leave it like this for about 30 to 40 minutes.
Then wrap your head with a towel or put on a shower cap.
When the 30 minutes are over, wash the hair with a mild shampoo.

How profitable:

We have already clarified above Neem oil benefits for hair prevents dandruff. When yogurt is mixed with it, it can work even more effectively . In fact, the prebiotics present in yogurt are believed to be helpful in protecting against dandruff related fungus . Along with reducing the problem of dandruff with curd, hair can also be soft and silky .

Side Effects And Risks Of Using Neem Oil For Dandruff- Free Hair 

Neem oil benefits for hair

• Applying neem oil directly may irritate some people.

• There is also a risk of allergic reactions on the scalp and face from neem oil \. Therefore, do not use neem oil without doing a patch test.

Neem oil, if used properly, can be helpful in relieving the problem of dandruff and reducing its symptoms. How it can be mixed with other ingredients to make it more effective is also explained in detail here. You can take advantage of this by mixing any ingredient with neem oil according to your convenience.


Q.1 Neem oil should be used to remove dandruff or not?

Yes, neem oil can be used to remove dandruff.

Q.2 Can I apply neem oil directly on the scalp?

No, instead of applying neem oil directly on the scalp, use it only after diluting it.

Q.3 How often should I apply neem oil on my scalp?

You can apply neem oil on the scalp once or twice a week.

Q.4 Where to Buy Neem Oil for Dandruff?

You can buy neem oil for dandruff online.


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