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Blogging Quiz

1 test for your knowlege for blogging.

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If you want to add an image to a post, what sort of image should you use?

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Basic blog entries that usually show up on the home page of a blog are called

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What features would you not include in a quality comment?

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What does URL stand for

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What does blog stand for?

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Usually one of the first things bloggers do is change this, which is the look of the blog...

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What are the benefits of blogging?

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These are the blocks that make up sidebars (e.g. subscribe by email, links, calendars, etc.)

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These are similar to posts, but are for "static" content which you won't change often...

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The back-end of your blog where you make changes (not seen by the public) is called...

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What information should you not include in your blog posts or comments?

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These allow readers to reply to what you write, leave links, and create a general discussion...

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A person who blogs is called a...

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A photo, graphic, or image that represents you across blogs is called...

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Clickable content in a page/posts that takes the reader to another page or site is called...

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